ATW 2017
  • Program


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Venue: P Block, rooms P514, P512, P504, Gardens Point Campus (see QUT map)

Time Sessions
8.50am - 9.00am Welcome (P514)
Pascalis Raimondos (QUT)
Martin Richardson (ANU)
9.00am - 10.00am Plenary Session 1 (P514)
Chair: Frank Stähler
Keynote speaker: Udo Kreickemeier (TU Dresden): Offshoring and job polarization between firms
  Parallel - Session 1 (P514)
Chair: Mark Razhev
Parallel - Session 2 (P512)
Chair: Valerie Smeets
Parallel - Session 3 (P504)
Chair: Hiroshi Mukunoki
10.00am - 11.10am Tomohiro Ara (Fukushima)
Tariffs, vertical oligopoly and market Structure

Discussant: Mark Razhev
Laura Puzzelo (Monash)
Volatility of Industrial Output, Demand Fluctuations, and International Trade

Discussant: Valerie Smeets
Mark Melatos (Sydney)
Camouflaged trade agreements

Discussant: Hiroshi Mukunoki
Mark Razhev (Melbourne)
Optimal trade policy with intermediate goods

Discussant: Tomohiro Ara
Valerie Smeets (Aarhus)
Physical productivity and exceptional exporter performance: evidence from a Chinese production survey

Discussant: Laura Puzzelo
Hiroshi Mukunoki (Gakushuin)
Market access and technology adoption in the presence of FDI

Discussant: Mark Melatos
11.10am - 11.40am Coffee break
  Parallel – Session 4 (P514)
Chair: Gerald Willmann
Parallel – Session 5 (P512)
Chair: Thomas Zylkin
Parallel – Session 6 (P504)
Chair: Reshad Ahsan
11.40am - 12.50pm Alireza Naghavi (Bologna)
Sequential supply chains, property rights, and the non‐appropriability of intellectual assets

Discussant: Gerald Willmann
Cuong Duc Vu (QUT)
Trade liberalization and multidimensional deprivation of rice farmers in Vietnam

Discussant: Thomas Zylkin
Emma Aisbett (Hamburg)
Are aliens mistreated? The relative treatment of foreign firms in developing countries

Discussant: Reshad Ahsan
Gerald Willmann (Bielefeld)
Comparative advantage in routine production

Discussant: Alireza Naghavi
Thomas Zylkin (NUS)
Feeding China’s rise: the growth effects of trading with China, 1993‐2011

Discussant: Cuong Duc Vu
Reshad Ahsan (Melbourne)
How do exporters cope with violence? evidence from political strikes in Bangladesh

Discussant: Emma Aisbett
12.50pm - 2.00pm Lunch
  Parallel – Session 7 (P514)
Chair: Ray Trewin
Parallel – Session 8 (P512)
Chair: Rod Falvey
Parallel – Session 9 (P504)
Chair: Laura Marquez‐Ramos

2.00pm - 3.10pm

Chaoqun Zhan (Hong Kong)
Trade liberalization, hold‐up problem and domestic vertical integration

Discussant: Ray Trewin
Bilgehan Karabay (RMIT)
Fast‐track authority: a hold‐up interpretation

Discussant: Rod Falvey
Patrick Blagrave (IMF)
Spillover implications of China’s slowdown for international trade

Discussant: Laura Marquez‐Ramos
Ray Trewin (ANU)
Missing links in Australian global value chains?

Discussant: Chaoqun Zhan
Rod Falvey (Bond)
Lobbying, trade and product standards

Discussant: Bilgehan Karabay
Laura Marquez‐Ramos (Adelaide)
Fiscal discipline and foreign direct investment: Do investors care about public debt and government deficits?

Discussant: Patrick Blagrave
3.10pm - 3.40pm Coffee break
3.40pm - 4.50pm Plenary session 2 (P514)
Chair: Martin Richardson

John Romalis (Sydney)
How did China’s WTO entry benefit US consumers?
Discussant: Farid Toubal

Wilhelm Kohler (Tübingen)
Heterogeneous workers, trade, and migration
Discussant: Martin Richardson
6.30pm Conference dinner
Il Centro Restaurant, Eagle Street Pier, 6/1 Eagle Street, Brisbane - (07) 3221 6090

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Venue: P Block, rooms P514, P512, P504, Gardens Point Campus (see QUT map)

Time Sessions
9.00am - 10.00am Plenary Session 3 (P514)
Chair: Pascalis Raimondos
Keynote speaker: Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi): What goes around comes around: export‐enhancing effects of import‐tariff reductions
  Parallel – Session 10 (P514)
Chair: Jackie M.L. Chan
Parallel – Session 11 (P512)
Chair: Niven Winchester
Parallel – Session 12 (P504)
Chair: Yan Ma
10.00am - 11.10am Pascalis Raimondos (QUT)
Redefining 'foreign': implications for FDI spillovers

Discussant: Jackie M.L. Chan
Rudy Colacicco (Maynooth)
Environment, imperfect competition, and trade: insights for optimal policy in general equilibrium

Discussant: Niven Winchester
Zhiyuan Li (Fudan)
Terms of trade gains from task offshoring and complementarity between tasks

Discussant: Yan Ma
Jackie M.L. Chan (CUHK)
Migrant networks and FDI: evidence from greenfield FDI and M&A

Discussant: Pascalis Raimondos
Niven Winchester (MIT)
Has the impact of border carbon adjustments been underestimated?

Discussant: Rudy Colacicco
Yan Ma (Kobe)
Supermodularity, comparative advantage, and global supply chains

Discussant: Zhiyuan Li
11.10am - 11.40am Coffee break
  Parallel – Session 13 (P514)
Chair: Yoshimasa Komoriya
Parallel – Session 14 (P512)
Chair: Benedikt Heid
  Chi‐Chur Chao (Deakin)
North‐South parallel import, trade liberalization and optimal taxation

Discussant: Yoshimasa Komoriya
Do Won Kwak (Queensland)
Trade cost elasticity: estimates from using tariffs in product‐level data

Discussant: Benedikt Heid
  Yoshimasa Komoriya (Chuo)
Taxes and entry mode decision in multinationals: export and FDI with and without decentralization

Discussant: Chi‐Chur Chao
Benedikt Heid (Adelaide)
Regional trade agreements, unemployment and the informal sector

Discussant: Do Won Kwak
12.50pm - 2.00pm Lunch
  Parallel – Session 15 (P514)
Chair: Jakob Munch
Parallel – Session 16 (P512)
Chair: Kam Ki Tang

2.00pm - 3.10pm

Laura Meriluoto (Canterbury)
Export tax and tariff evasion: evidence of mis-invoicing in the China-New Zealand trade

Discussant: Frank Stähler
Magdalene Silberberger (Witten/Herdecke)
False friends? Empirical evidence on trade policy substitution in regional trade agreements

Discussant: Kam Ki Tang
Jakob Munch (Copenhagen)
Globalization and CEO pay: estimating the value of good leaders in complex firms

Discussant: Phillip McCalman
Kam Ki Tang (Queensland)
Uncertainty, learning and growth dynamics in export markets

Discussant: Magdalene Silberberger
3.10pm - 3.40pm Coffee break  
3.40pm - 4.10pm

Plenary session 4 (P514)
Chair: Frank Stähler

Phillip McCalman (Melbourne)
Airline services agreements: a structural model of network formation
Discussant: Jakob Munch

Farid Toubal (ENS de Cachan)
The march of the techies: technology, trade, and job polarization in France, 1994‐2007
Discussant: John Romalis

4.10pm - 5.00pm Closing remarks
Frank Stähler, (Adelaide, Tübingen)